My Story

I am passionate to bring you a product range that is mainly sourced from New Zealand or locally to help people reduce waste and help you on your eco journey. Striving to carry products that are plastic free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, palm oil free, fragrance free, sustainable, healthy choices for your home, bathroom, kitchen, skin care, body care, hair care, dental care, baby, natural remedies, sanitary, cleaning, diffusers, essential oils, gifts and much much more for big people, little people and your fur babies.

I have opened Full Circle in 56 Dalton Street, Napier, Hawkes Bay as a result of a life time believe to “be good to yourself & be good to the planet”. Originally from Switzerland coming to New Zealand 34 years ago I always considered myself a bit alternative and very environmentally conscious.

My back ground includes bio dynamic farming in Central Hawke’s Bay, milking 15 cows (yes, with cow bells on the cows), growing wheat, raising 4 children, a career in finance/management for many years. Finally I decided to strike out on my own and I bought Raffles Street Cafe in 2015; with the help of my daughter and my lovely staff we got it up and pumping. 25 months later I sold it to the lovely Jackie who just recently added Dalton Street Kitchen the former St. Germain to her business empire. My daughter moved on and bought herself Magnet Cafea container cafe directly at Napier beach, where you get the best coffee in town not only with the greatest customer service but also a view to die for, if you want to chill out thats the spot , located just passed Napier Ocean Spa.

After a bit of a rest it was hmm.... what now? Suddenly a literal lightbulb moment that the time might be right for a shop with sustainable, healthy choices for your home and body. Talking to family and friends their response was “well you are coming full circle” and voila the name stuck Full Circle was born. Going online searching for premises led me to 56 Dalton Street and it was like it was meant to be; my landlord is very eco minded and her fabulous creation is Corbin Rd Natural New Zealand Skincare.

It’s perfect - we are a little Eco Hub here in Napier.

It felt perfect to create an eco shop with everything you need to live a zero waste lifestyle under one roof. All around the world people are striving to reduce plastic pollution and it is absolutely amazing to see how many people are in the process of making changes in their lives towards a healthier way of living. No matter how small a change we make it has a major effect globally - so keep going all you eco-warriors  you are making a difference. Have a look at the following link: Rethink Plastic. Save our Oceans

This site is  a work in progress; to start off with you will find about 120 Products and I will be adding more and more. If you would like something I don't have let me know, I am grateful to receive any feedback on products I carry. Please leave a review either on here Instagram or Facebook - thanks for your visit to my site and I look forward to serve you online or in my shop at 56 Dalton Street, Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand :)


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