Baby Shampoo Bar 100g

Baby Shampoo Bar 100g

Little Genie NZ
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Baby Shampoo  Bar 100g

It’s time to get that silky tot squeaky clean. The Little Genie Goat Milk & Manuka Honey Baby Shampoo Bar is enriched with Vanilla Oil + Chamomile. Thoughtfully created with extra oils and nourishing ingredients for those little curls, you can really feel the difference as you hold the creamy shampoo bar in your hands.

It is gentle & mild for sensitive skin. Made in New Zealand with only natural fragrances and plant based oils, using no nasties of course. The Shampoo bar is soap free, it is PH balanced, which makes it great for hair and sensitive skin.

Gently wet the hair and Shampoo bar. By hand move the bar on top of that curious head and lather up. Be careful of those eyes rinsing out. Smooth silky tot coming up!

Making me last longer
The Little Genie Shampoo Bar 100 g is the equivalent of 300 ml liquid. When you are not using the Shampoo Bar, store it dry, as this will make it last longer.




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