Bastille Olive Oil Soap Lavender Rosemary 120g

Bastille Olive Oil Soap Lavender Rosemary 120g

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Bastille Olive Oil Soap Lavender Rosemary 120g

New and limited edition Heritage soap - Bastille de lavendre. This is a Bastille soap, which is very similar to the famous Castile soap. True Castile soap is made of 100% Olive Oil only and takes a minimum of a year to cure. Bastille soap has a minimum on 70% Olive Oil and does not require such a long curing time.

Bastille soap is very, very mild, creamy and gentle on your skin. This lovely batch has added lavender and rosemary which are both great for your skin.

  • 100% natural, hypoallergenic and un-fragranced
  • App 120g
  • No plastic packaging
  • Vegan

Hinds Natural Soaps are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, which means even sensitive-skinned people should be able to use them.

These hand-made soaps are created by the traditional ancient hot-process method, are all natural and contain no synthetics, micas, fragrance, parabens, essential oils, surfactants  or colouring; coloured by nature only and although they may look rustic and a bit imperfect, they are full of skin loving goodness!

Hinds Natural Soaps are good for your skin and good for the earth.

Hinds Natural Soap Co is a proud member of the New Zealand Soap Makers Association.


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