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Beard Oil - Certified Organic 30ml

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Beard Oil - Certified Organic 30ml

This Certified Organic Beard Oil packs a powerful punch when it comes to conditioning your beard and maintaining healthy skin beneath.

A refreshingly scented Beard Oil with hints of Bergamot and Rosemary, this Beard Oil is packed full of the nutrients and vitamins from New Zealand's native Manuka and Kawakawa, prized for their antibacterial, healing and soothing qualities.

Certified Organic means this Beard Oil is free from pesticides, GMOs, synthetic/artificial perfume/fragrances, silicones and petrochemicals.  

Use as part of your beard care routine to tackle reddened, flaky, itchy skin and to condition, groom and enhance your beard.   

A Beard Oil naturally so good, you'll never compromise with inferior, non-certified beard oils again!


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