Beeswax Bell Candle Green

Beeswax Bell Candle Green

Hohepa Workshops
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Beeswax Bell Candle Green

The Hohepa beeswax candles are made by a dedicated and hardworking team which creates all¬†the candles with love, care and expertise. Some people have been participating in the HŇćhepa Candle Workshop for about 30 years, others have started since we moved to Napier.

Hohepa¬†is producing a natural product out of 100% locally sourced Beeswax from Takapau Kintail Honey ‚Äď who have supported¬†them for many years.¬†They developed an almost zero-waste work-process. All the wick off-cuts and wax leftovers are turned into fire-lighters.

Since 2019¬†they offer wax collection points for the public as an alternative of throwing wax in the rubbish. Sustainability is a core value at HŇćhepa and¬†they are proud to do¬†their bit in promoting sustainability and environmental friendly living at work.

The candles are made to be lit! Beeswax is purifying and detoxifying for the air.  


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