Bian Gua Sha Stone
Bian Gua Sha Stone

Bian Gua Sha Stone

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CORBIN RD. - Bian Gua Sha Stone

What is included: 1x Gua Sha Stone, 1x Linen Pouch, 1x Set of Instructions

Gua Sha is the ancient Chinese therapy of scraping the skin with a tool using oil, cream or serum to improve the skin's overall appearance via micro-circulation. The Gua Sha kit is the perfect marriage of nature and luxury. 

Benefits: Stimulates blood flow, reduces scar tissue, sculpts and lifts the face, moves stagnant fluid under the skin to de-puff and make the skin glow. After a couple of days, you will see the difference.

How to use: You can use anytime really, but we prefer first thing in the morning on clean skin with a few drops of the CorbinRd Multivitamin Restorative Face Oil. Always follow up with plenty of water to flush toxins out.
Don't use:If you have had fresh fillers or Botox(they call this the Botox of the east, so maybe this reusable tool has just saved you a fortune), have very inflamed/broken skin or aggressive acne.

Bian Stone

  • We are reintroducing the 65 million-year-old healing stone to the 21st century. Known for having 40 plus trace minerals
  • antioxidant properties
  • far-reaching infrared pulses of energy and the ability to create ultrasounds
  • it's no surprise that it is now the beauty secret for gorgeous healthy skin.

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