Black Tourmaline Ring US Size 10
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Black Tourmaline Ring US Size 10

Dr Druzy
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Black Tourmaline Ring US Size 10

Dr Druzys new collection, Serendipity, captures the essence of positivity, luck, good fortune & prosperity. Grown from gratitude, blessings, fate & happiness, this collection blossoms around the more rare forms of Gem Medicine - Selenite, Blue Kyanite, Labradorite, Pyrite and Tourmaline.

The collection teaches acceptance, flow, trust, forward motion & self-discovery. It attracts chance, coincidence, opportunities, health, triumph, success, fruition and fulfilment.

Black Tourmaline is dark as the depths of the earth, a powerful stone that remembers its birthplace and is a Druzy favourite for grounding. A remedy to curb the effects of picking up on others bad vibes. Like its Pink sibling, this rock removes worry and stress, bringing calm, inner strength and balance.

Important: These natural stone rings need to be handled with care. If you drop them or knock them hard, they will crack or break*. Treat them the same way you would treat Venetian glass rings.  If you look after your kick-ass carved stone ring, it will look after you.

*We will not issue refunds or replacing rings that are broken after delivery. 

US Size 10 = 19.8mm


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