Bokashi Compost Zing 1kg

Bokashi Compost Zing 1kg

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Bokashi Compost Zing 1kg

A mixture of plant based by-products have been used to make the Bokashi Compost Zing.

  • It decreases composting time by up to 50%
  • reduces the unpleasant odours of composting
  • accelerates the rate of decomposition by supplying beneficial micro-organisms
  • Vegan

It is these qualities that make Bokashi Compost Zing the ideal product for solving the problem of food waste in our landfills. It can be utilised in both households and businesses as a simple and odourless method of converting food waste into a valuable fertiliser material in under 4 weeks. 

This product can be used with the Compost Zing Systems.

About ZingBokashi NZ

The team at Zing Bokashi are passionate about making a positive difference to improve the environment. The easy to use range of home composting products will help you reduce and reuse waste, while naturally boosting the nutrients in your soil by extending the ecological lifecycle of your waste products.


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