Box of 2 Frangipani Soap
Box of 2 Frangipani Soap

Box of 2 Frangipani Soaps

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Box of 2 Frangipani Soaps

Sacred and luscious flower of the Pacific. Harmonious, sweet intoxicating Frangipani blossoms with a fresh hint of citrus.

Known as Plumeria in Hawaii these blooms have inspired ancient Polynesian legends of love. The complex floral aroma with its elements of orange flower, jasmine and ylang ylang creates a wonderful tropical presence. Cocoa butter, Coconut oil and regenerating Tamanu oil.

100% Essential Oils. Recycled cardboard box with no glue. 2 x 75 gram - 2.65 oz soaps

Perfume type: Rich Floral - Sweet Tropical - Soft

Personality:  Frangipani is associated with love in feng shui and immortality in India.



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