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Be Earthy soap
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Castile Soap

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BE NATURAL - Castile Soaps

Artisan soaps crafted the old fashioned way in Taranaki using cold process soap-making.
Better for you – Better for Planet Earth

Be Calm - patchouli calendula
Patchouli’s unique fragrance has many benefits – from antidepressant through to antiseptic.  A wonderful soap to use at the end of a busy day, will help relax the mind and clean the skin.

Be Clean - honey oats almond
For gentle, natural cleansing use our honey soap as a facial cleanser – great at the end of the day to remove makeup and grime.  Can also be used as a baby soap, body soap and is  fantastic for mens shaving.    The combination of gorgeous oils makes for a soft soothing cleanse.  Making this soap is so much fun, as the soap kitchen fills with the aroma of toasted caramel and sweet honey.  Yum.

Be Gentle - lavender avocado
This beautiful gentle soap has been designed especially for babies skin.  It contains organic oils and butters including lavender and avocado oil, which gently cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.  This bar only needs to be used sparingly and should last for many many months.

Be Relaxed - lavender 
Our original body soap.  This is an indulgent and luxurious treat that will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.

Be Rosy - rose ylang ylang 
A beautiful hard soap which lathers well.  The high quality Rose Oil in this soap brings back memories of days with Nana…

Be Smooth - cocoa butter pink clay 
Cleanse and gently exfoliate with this gentle natural soap, great for face and body. The Pink Clay helps to revitalise and tone the skin whilst the Organic Cocoa Butter provides nourishment.

90g Bars


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