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Coconut Oil Conditioning Mask 150ml

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Coconut Oil Conditioning Mask 150ml

Intense Hydration & replenishment

This indulgent fur treatment is a great conditioner for dry skin and maintenance of a healthy, nourished coat.

The most important ingredients are coconut oil and sweet almond oil. These oils intensively moisturise and nourish.  You will notice immediate softening the fur which reduces tangling and the retention of external allergens.  This in turn reduces irritation of sensitive skins.

Evening primrose oil, argan oil and shea butter have anti-inflammatory properties. The mask is has a subtle fragrance which comes from the combination of coconut and orange oils.


Massage generously into a wet coat after using and rinse off after leaving in for as long as possible up to one minute. You will notice a change in the coat immediately. It is great for getting out dirt or debris, and in particular sand after a day on the beach. Use frequently to prevent or treat tangles and matting of the coat.

Use as often as required. Use after a shampoo, or in between shampoos to wash off debris. Safe for frequent use.


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