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Reusable Cotton Tea Bags

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Reusable Cotton Tea Bags

Did you know that most tea bags contain up to 25% plastic?

A pot of tea… and some plastic... anyone?

Plastic is almost everywhere you look. It’s in our oceans, our environment, and even in our food. When you look at a tea bag, plastic usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet about a quarter of each tea bag (from most brands) is comprised of this substance.

So due to the plastic content, conventional tea bags cannot completely decompose. This makes them a bad option for compost material and the environment… not to mention your body!

These amazing cotton tea bags with drawstrings, are reusable, washable and made of 100% Organic Cotton.

Great to brew loose leaf tea or stew herbs and spices.

Size: 8x10 cm (3.15x3.95 in). Sold in sets of 5 bags plus cotton case.


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