CUPPACOFFEECUP 12oz Kingfisher Reef
CUPPACOFFEECUP 12oz Kingfisher Reef

CuppaCoffeeCup 12oz - Kingfisher Reef

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CUPPACOFFEECUP 12oz  Kingfisher Reef

Have your fix and fix the planet with this beautiful, fun, reusable cup that is easy to take along in your handbag or briefcase. 

SAVE 100-200 million disposable cups ending up in landfill each year in New Zealand. Sadly many disposable cups can't be recycled because they have a plastic like lining. 

Reusable takeaway coffee cup that is 100 % recyclable.

  • reuse, reuse, reuse
  • recycle
  • BPA free
  • sustainable
  • Industry standard 12oz (350ml)
  • fits in most car coffee holders
  • leakproof
  • cup doesn't change the taste of your coffee
  • NZ Artist Designs

Designed and made in New Zealand. 


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