Dish Wash Cinnamon & Tangerine 500ml

Dish Wash Cinnamon & Tangerine 500ml

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Dish Wash Cinnamon & Tangerine 500ml

Unlike other dishwashing liquids, YOURS use palm oil free surfactants. This means it may produce fewer bubbles depending on your water pressure. It will still lift grease and grime off your dishes, and leave your stainless steel sparkling clean. Fill a bucket with hot water and add a few pumps for an effective way to clean your windows.

For best results

Add 5-10 pumps under fast flowing water.

• 100% natural and toxin-free

• Made with essential oils

• vegan and cruelty-free

• No parabéns or sulphates

• Locally NZ owned

• Made in NZ


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