Domestic Goddess on a Budget Book

Domestic Goddess on a Budget Book

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Domestic Goddess on a Budget Book by Wendyl Nissen

Have you ever thought of cleaning your toilet  with nothing but baking soda and vinegar? Making fly spray out of black tea or painting your nails with henna?

Writer, broadcaster, wife, mum and grandma Wendyl Nissen knows just how difficult it is to juggle family and career, while saving the planet and living within your means. After lots of research and trial and error, Wendyl has compiled this user-friendly guide to saving time and money without losing your sense of style - or your sense of humour. 

Domestic Goddess includes:

  • tried and true recipes for environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • tips on how to de-clutter, reduce waste and save money on your food bill
  • recipes for money- saving natural beauty products
  • how to slow down, stop being perfect and find the right work/life balance for you

Is there a domestic goddess lurking in you?



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