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EnerGinger - Herbal Infusion (75g)

EnerGinger - Herbal Infusion (75g)

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EnerGinger - Herbal Infusion Organic (75g)

This ginger tea is very bold and refreshing like no other. A dose of it is like the effect on Popeye after eating his spinach, giving you the extra boost of energy to match anyone in the world.

Check out our CreativiTea recipe for EnerGinger: 

Double Gin Tonic:

Instruction | Serving : 2 x 400ml

  • Steep EnerGinger sachets in 500ml hot water together with a few slices of fresh ginger for 10mins
  • Add honey to taste
  • Pour the hot tea over ice to cool down
  • Serve over ice and garnish with ginger and mint

EnerGinger Pop:

Instruction | Serving : 8 popsicles

  • In a heat-proof bowl, mix together the lemon juice, ginger, honey, and EnerGinger sachets.
  • Pour 600ml boiling water over and let steep for 10 minutes
  • Remove sachets and ginger slices. Continue to let it sit until water has slightly cooled
  • Pour into popsicle molds and freeze completely
  • Lemongrass, Ginger(32%), Rosemary, Lemon Verbena
  • AromaFresh and lemony. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and you are in a Thai Spa!
  • FlavourTangy and spicy. A refreshing pick-up from your taste buds to the whole body.
  • Caffeine LevelCaffeine Free
  • To Use2g per 200ml water (100 ̊C). Steep 6-8 minutes.

Premium loose tea/ingredients packed in food grade reusable tin canister.


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