Foaming Hand Soap Starter
Foaming Hand Soap Starter

Foaming Hand Soap Starter

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Foaming Hand Soap Starter

Enjoy the beauty of mother nature, and reduce single-use plastics with Dazz Eco-Friendly Hand Soap and Reusable Glass Foaming Dispenser.


  • 1 reusable foaming hand soap dispenser
  • 1 foaming hand soap tablet (Lavender Lemon)

And a clean conscience knowing you are not harming our planet 🌍

    • Naturally Safe, Plant Based and Mineral Ingredients
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Family & Pet Safe
    • Commercially Compostable packaging
    • 100% Biodegradable

      Your pets and children will be safe, and planet earth will thank you for using Dazz.

      Please Note: Extra tablets are available separately.  And if you accidentally break a bottle, no fear, these are sold separately too!


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