Glass Candle Round Bowl Medium

Glass Candle Round Bowl Medium

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SOOS's GARDEN - Glass Candle Round Bowl Medium

All of the candles are made from soy wax with no additives, GMO material or paraffin. 

Made with 100% plant based cosmetic and therapeutic grade essential oils for the purest natural aroma. 

Enjoy with confidence for a safe and sensual experience.

Jasmine (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • Richly aromatic, evoking Spring and Summer gardens

Lavender (Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • The clarity and focus of aromatic lavender dissolves stress and tension while aiding restful sleep

Lemongrass & Maychang (Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • Lovely aroma when  in need of a fresh outlook or considering new ideas – invigorating!

Lily of the valley (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • This evokes happy memories of the aromas from a traditional.

Lime & Grapefruit (Certified organic therapeutic Grade)

  • Such an uplifting fragrance for any occasion!

Rose (Botanical plant based cosmetic Grade)

  • One of the most recognizable and evocative aromas.

Please note that all batches are handmade and may vary slightly in texture and appearance


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