Goats Milk Shaving Bar with Bentonite Clay

Goats Milk Shaving Bar with Bentonite Clay

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Goats Milk Shaving Bar with Bentonite Clay

This bar have more 'slick' than foam or Gel, and is Chemical Nasty FREE.

Fantastic if you have sensitive skin, or suffer razor rash easily. Made from goats milk and bentonite clay. This helps the blade 'glide' over your skin, with no bite & no sting at clean up time.

The shaving bar is fantastic if you need to 'whip' around your face again in a different direction, there is no need to re-lather, just shave - up to 3 times around your face in any direction - no rash or sting! and a smooth close shave.

And for those guys who shave their legs and or manscape - The shaving bar is perfect, no nicks, or cuts (just don't use a 6 month old blade)

With it being this fantastic for the guys - you guessed it - it is awesome for the ladies as well 

This bar is also awesome when used with a New Generation Safety Razor

We recommend cutting this bar into 4 to maximise its life span, so buying "in the bag" is a really good idea (store unused cubes in bag) 

Best foam achieved by using a shaving brush, but simply foaming with your hands is just fine as well



100 gm bar


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