Goats Milk Soap activated charcoal
Goats Milk Soap plain
Goats Milk Soap
Goats Milk Soap
Goats Milk Soap
Goats Milk Soap
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Goats Milk Soap hemp
Goats Milk Soap oatmeal bentonite clay

Goats Milk Soap

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Absolutely NO Palm oil, animal fats (lard), parabens or SLS  are used in the production of these soaps.

The soaps are a natural product, and therefore are able to be used as shampoos, with no added conditioning necessary, so you can potentially do away with more chemicals in your shower. 

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL  - is the 'smelly boys' soap. This is an all over body soap for everyone from teens upwards -  charcoal is an awesome face soap. 

CHARCOAL & COFFEE - coffee is said to contain natural antioxidants  that cleanse your pores and the deep layers of your skin of any lingering dead skin cells and environmental pollutants. 

CHARCOAL & MATCHA - Matcha is organic green tea, and this is proving a real winner with adult acne. This is an amazing cleansing combo with the deep cleaning of charcoal and the organic green tea. 

CHARCOAL & ROSEHIP - perfect for sensitive or mature skin, leaves the skin soft, glowing and wonderfully cleansed. This bar has the quality scrub of the Rosehip Seeds - perfect for taking off makeup.

DOUGLAS FIR & CLAYS  - is the same as the Charcoal "Smelly Boys" soap - but with added Clay and Douglas Fir essential Oil. Great for blemishes.

HEMP - makes a highly nourishing soap for all sensitive skins, as  it can deeply nourish the skin.

HONEY -  helps with excema and psoriasis.

OATMEAL & BENTONITE -  great for ultrasensitive skin, will hep with itching and scratching.

PLAIN - excellent for all skin types.

100 gm bars



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