I AM YOGA Pulse Point Oil 10ml
I AM YOGA Pulse Point Oil 10ml

I AM YOGA Pulse Point Oil 10ml

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I AM YOGA  Pulse Point Oil  10ml

Pure essential oils blended in organic jojoba oil and Vitamin E ‚Äď crystals inside the bottle.

Aroma: East meets West with a scent reminiscent of your dearest yoga studio. The hero note of Frankincense alludes to an old world concept of simply being and the alignment of Ayurvedic herb Galangal adds grace and wisdom to the asana of the scent. The last moment of inhalation draws in a fresh clean lemony conclusion.
This is a gender-neutral scent.

Directions: Simply apply the oil to the pulse points at the wrists and neck. A wonderful meditation tool to help settle the mind before a sit, simply apply at the temples. Also can assist to release mental tension when working/studying in a digital environment. Store in our bespoke packaging to enhance the ritual and convenient use for life on the go.

Level of support: Initiating change and help settle the mind.


Crystals: Clear Quartz 

Chakra alignment: Crown / Sahasrara

PATCH TEST BEFORE USE. Caution use during pregnancy and with children. For external use only.


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