I AM YOGA Premium Massage Oil Candle
I AM YOGA Premium Massage Oil Candle

I AM YOGA Premium Massage Oil Candle

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I AM YOGA Premium Massage Oil Candle

Vegan candle that is individually hand-poured. NZ-made with pure essential oils. 45-hour burn time.

Aroma: East meets West with a scent reminiscent of your dearest yoga studio. The hero note of Frankincense alludes to an old world concept of simply being, an alignment of lavender adds grace and wisdom to the asana of the scent. The last moment of inhalation draws in a fresh clean lemony conclusion.
This is a gender-neutral scent.

Directions: Burn candle for 10 minutes, extinguish flame with lid and let cool slightly. Scoop out the excess oil at the top of the candle and apply sparingly to skin for massage bliss. (patch test before use)

Level of support: Initiating change and helping to settle the mind.


Chakra alignment: Crown / Sahasrara

PATCH TEST BEFORE USE if applying on skin.
- Do not burn for more than 2 hours at a time.
- Trim the wick before re-lighting to avoid black wax.
- Upcycle the jar.

Caution use during pregnancy and with children. For external use only.




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