Insert Boosters Bamboo Charcoal 3 Pack

Insert Boosters Bamboo Charcoal 3 Pack

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Insert Boosters Bamboo Charcoal 3 Pack

Charcoal is infused to the Bamboo Insert Booster using Nano-Technology, enhancing the breathability, making it easier on sensitive skin. The Quick Dry fabric has superior absorption and deodorizing abilities. It regulates temperature keeping it dry and help prevent nappy rash. It can be washed numerous times without loosing its qualities.

The insert booster consists of 4 layers. The two outer layers are made of gentle Bamboo Charcoal. The inner two layers consists of 2 grey coloured microfibre which works as the absorbents.

Insert Booster Measurements 13 cm x 35 cm

Get Started!

Wash your inserts a couple of times before use to activate the fabric and its soaking abilities. It takes a couple of washes for the boosters to be able to work the best.Place insert boosters inside the pocket of theĀ Little Genie Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Pocket Nappy with double leak guard. We advice to use two insert boosters for extra absorbency.

Washing your pocket nappies
Once used, take off the nappy and remove insert(s) from pocket. Flush any solids and either compost bio-liner or if solids dispose in rubbish. We do not recommend soaking the nappies as they will lose their waterproofing plus it is a great place for germs to grow. Rinse to remove number 1 and 2, then leave to dry pail till you are ready to wash them. Wash with a small amount of detergent at 40-60 degrees. Hang to dry in sunlight or tumble dry on low.


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