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Kawakawa Balm Small Tube 10g

Kawakawa is an excellent healer of skin ailments due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used in healing minor skin irritations such as cuts, rashes, sores and boils. It can also ease the pain of sore inflamed joints caused by medical conditions such as arthritis. Kawakawa is also great for soothing itching skin, insect bites, sunburn and tattoo aftercare and is an excellent skin moisturiser.

We have found it to be particularly successful in healing and maintaining eczema related issues by helping to heal the skin and keeping it moist and supple which reduces patches of itchy dry skin which is hard to resist scratching.

The Balm is created by infusing the Kawakawa leaves with Rice-Bran Oil and then adding just enough Bee’s wax to achieve the right consistency.

Recommended use: For ongoing skin conditions such as eczema, we recommend that you rub on a small amount of balm (and a little goes a long way) onto the affected area just prior retiring to bed and then again first thing in the morning.

For general cuts and abrasions, apply a thin layer to the affected area when needed.


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