Luffa Baby Bath Sponge
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Luffa Baby Bath Sponge

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UNIQA - Luffa Baby Bath Sponge

Extra soft and delicate variety of luffa achieved by Iberluffa after many years of botanical research with an extra softness that makes it especially suitable for the delicate skin of the babies. Ideal to be used for bath time and nappy change time replacing disposable wipes.

  • Extra soft, silky and durable
  • Therapeutic properties thanks to the unique treatment in natural sulphurous geothermal springs (which in addition makes the luffa mould resistant).
  • Natural sponge for immediate skin hydration thanks to the natural high content of Cucurbitacin C which in addition has skin healing properties.

This variety of luffa is very delicate to grow due to the plant being very sensitive to climate changes and plages. Also the manufacturing process is more complicated than our regular luffas due to the delicate fibres which makes the cleaning process a quite laborious task. The result is this extremely and surprisingly extra soft sponge that comes free of any extra packaging (only a couple of labels made of recycled paper and printed with vegan ink).

The perfect gift for baby showers, mums to be and newborns.


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