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Moisture Balm - Lavender + Sweet Orange 100ml

Fur Love
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Moisture Balm - Lavender + Sweet Orange 100ml

Heals, moisturises & protects

Formulated with coconut oil, the Fur Love moisture balm for dogs has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, restorative properties and is the perfect dog moisturiser. Use to prevent and relieve dry, itchy skin or mild skin irritations in dogs, such as eczema. 

Coconut oil and evening primrose oil moisturise while the natural beeswax base provides an anti-inflammatory barrier.  Sweet almond oil is an extra layer of protection which is non-greasy and helps with coat conditioning. 

Lavender and sweet orange extracts are soothing and have anti-itch properties, plus a subtle fragrance that is well tolerated by dogs, making it one of the best gifts.

This is a dog moisturiser you will want on the coffee table for nights on the couch or on the bedside table. 

Proven by Vetscript Magazine the official magazine of NZ Veterinary Association.


Rub a small amount between fingers or palms and apply directly to hot spots or dry irritated areas. Massage firmly into the skin. For maintenance, rub a small amount between palms and massage into the belly, around the perineum or into paws. For extra pleasure, massage into ears, paws and coat or anywhere that needs special attention. 

Use Daily.

Safe for your dog if ingested.

SIZE 100ml


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