Flea Protection For Dogs 10ml

Flea Protection For Dogs 10ml

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Flea Protection For Dogs 10ml 

Therapeutic Grade Organic Essential Oil Blend

Flea Treatment For Dogs
Fleas are perhaps the most common reason for skin irritation and itching in dogs.  To help naturally treat this problem we have created a blend of essential oils which are all doggy safe but will repel and kill pesky fleas.  The essential oils used in all of our blends are organic and therapeutic grade.

This blend can also be diluted with water or a carrier oil and applied topically or sprayed into your dogs bedding to help repel fleas.

Each of the blends is made by hand using certified organic and therapeutic grade essential oils.

This blend contains the following organic therapeutic essential oil:

Cedar essential oil
This essential oil kills fleas on contact, along with ticks, mosquitoes, lice, and mites. Cedar’s woodsy scent is soothing to pets and people.

Lemongrass essential oil
The citral and geraniol in this essential oil kills fleas.

Lavender essential oil
Lavender oil has physical and emotional benefits that include soothing irritated skin and frayed nerves.  Lavender essential oil doesn’t kill fleas but is comforting to a dog’s skin.  

Manuka essential oil
Manuka has been used as a natural flea and insect repellent for centuries.  Maori used to use Manuka twigs in their animal bedding to repel fleas and insects.  Manuka is also a natural antibacterial and antifungal properties making it perfect to help with many doggy skin allergies.

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