Dish Brush Tampico

Dish Brush Tampico

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Natural Dish Brush Tampico 5cm

Tampico Fibre is a soft to medium-soft bristle with the following qualities:

  • It is a very resistant material, but with a very fine, delicate and smooth texture.
  • It has abrasive qualities which makes it ideal for polishing applications.

Ixtle, also known by the trade name Tampico fibre, is a stiff plant fibre obtained from a number of Mexican plants, chiefly species of Agave and Yucca. The principal source is Agave luchuguilla the dominant Agave species in the Chihuahuan dessert. Ixtle is the common name (or part of the common name) of the plants producing the fibre 

Ixtle fibre is used as a substitute for animal bristles in the manufacture of brushes and cords. Wrapped with thread, parallel bundles of fibre were used as the boning in corsets. (as a bit of interesting trivia)

Once the bristles are worn out ‚Äď new heads are available.

  • Natural wooden handle
  • Tampico fibre brush
  • Compostable
  • Head can be replaced by pulling it out of the handle
  • Less waste

Head size: 5cm

Made by Florence in Germany


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