Stainless Steel Clothing Pegs
Pegs Stainless Steel 18-pack
Pegs Stainless Steel 18-pack

Pegs Stainless Steel 18-pack

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Pegs Stainless Steel 18-pack

Wishing for pegs that last, leave less of an indent in your fabric and are easy to care for? No more broken, sun cracked plastic pegs. 

6cm High x 3cm On The 'Squeeze Part' x 0.2cm In Thickness For Durability.

  • 18 x Marine Grade (316) Stainless Steel Pegs
  • Durable - No Rust - No Plastic
  • All CaliWoods Clothing Pegs are 6cm high x 3cm on the 'squeeze part'.
  • We added in thickness, to 0.2cm, so they are long lasting
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Resists Salty Breeze
  • No More Cracked Plastic Pegs
  • Durable for Coastal Washing Lines
  • Plastic-Free Product
Care For Your Pegs: To ensure your Stainless Clothing Pegs stay in tip top shape for time to come, ensure you take care of them! If you live in a coastal location, we recommend rinsing your pegs every few weeks. This will prevent salt build up and extend their lifespan. 
*10 Year Guarantee is by replacement with proof of purchase. 

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