Perfume Oil - Frangipani

Perfume Oil - Frangipani

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Perfume Oil - Frangipani

Floral - Sweet - Soft Green - Tropical - The Pacific Islands and Me.

A white tropical flower, Frangipani is the Pacific answer to a floral Queen.

It's a carpet of fallen buds in a Fijian rainforest, the delicacy of your grandma's vintage china or an early morning trip to the beach rolled up in one. Fiji inspired. A highly concentrated oil (Essential oil & man made fragrance combo) with a base of Golden Jojoba, Organic Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil,  it's easily absorbed by your skin, no greasy aftermath! 

Think travel, easy in the purse and a wonderful gift, something to share.

Slips neatly in your purse.10 mls/ 3.3 oz Roll -on. 



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