Perfume Oil - Patchouli

Perfume Oil - Patchouli

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Perfume Oil - Patchouli

Earth - Sweet Wood - Subtle Green-ness - Leave the rules at home

Summer of Love! Lots of requests so we've made it in the roll-on form! Patchouli is unashamedly earthy at the same time hinting a touch of green freshness. 

Thought processes? A warm evening in Cuba, a music festival on a remote farm....travelling in Costa Rica or Nepal? Patchouli deals well with extremes.

Unisex is another word for this revolutionary dreamer. The same formula as our solid perfume the oil combination reveals another layer of intensity to this wonderful perfume. 

A highly concentrated essential oil (with a base of Golden Jojoba, Organic Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil )it's easily absorbed by your skin, no greasy aftermath!

Slips neatly in your purse.10 mls/ 3.3 oz Roll -on. 



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