Perfume Originals - Little Petal

Perfume Originals - Little Petal

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ITSNEAT - Neat Perfume Originals - Little Petal

Neat's First Original Range of Perfumes comes in a  50ml Spray - available in one of four beautiful natural blends. Made using 100% natural oils


We will lead you down the garden path, because by golly it smells good down there!  Little Petal is our light and delicate alluring and dazzling floral scent, made from the sweet aromas of Rose, Vanilla, Bergamot and Jasmine.  She’s charming and playful, like that little petal in us all.

Shake well and apply to the pulse points. Being natural and free of plasticisers that serve to "glue" the fragrance to your skin all day long, these scents develop and "peel" off layer by layer, so you get the most out of each perfumey note, so reapply as needed.  


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