Quartz Adjustable Gold Cuff Ring

Quartz Adjustable Gold Cuff Ring

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DR DRUZY - Quartz Adjustable Gold Cuff Ring

Clear Quartz is edgy and badass. Clear Quartz doesn't give a hoot what people say about it. 

Clear Quartz makes the most of its cracks, peaks and valleys by allowing small beams of light to create rainbows in these perceived imperfections.

Clear Quartz is so in tune with itself it will bring deep connection, unconditional love, empowerment and fulfilment.

Clear Quartz is active and alert, cleansing and balancing. Be like Clear Quartz! 

Important: These natural stone rings need to be handled with care. If you drop them or knock them hard, they will crack or break*. Treat them the same way you would treat Venetian glass rings.  If you look after your kick-ass carved stone ring, it will look after you.

*We will not issue refunds or replacing rings that are broken after delivery. 

Natural Clear Quartz, gold plated brass.

The adjustable cuff will fit any size finger. Although these are adjustable, they will only suit sizes 6 - 9 as a general rule.

To get the best out of your ring, please remove it by pulling the metal band only. If you pull the ring on and off by the stone, it may weaken over time. 



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