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Rose Bulgarian Essential Oil 10ml

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Rose Bulgarian 3% in Jojoba 10ml

The Bulgarian rose seed is used in the production of Rosehip oil. In addition, the powder that is created from the Bulgarian rose, is used in high quality and natural skin care and cosmetic products as a natural astringent and exfoliant. It tightens pores and lightens blemishes, and leaves skin silky soft.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Rose Bulgarian Absolute

Description:  This product can be used directly on the skin as it is diluted in Jojoba Oil, have the beautiful aroma of Rose without the huge cost

Botanical name: Rosa damascena
Common name: Rose Bulgarian Absolute
Plant part: Flower
Extraction method: Food grade solvent
Common uses: Rose is a very common oil in the perfume and aromatic industry. Aromatherapists also credit it with being an exotic aphrodisiac, as well as an emollient in skin care products.

Strength of aroma: Strong

Aromatic scent: Rose Damask is a very complex, sweet, floral scent. Its reputation of being a must ingredient in perfumes is well deserved.

Caution: Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitising. Avoid during pregnancy.


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