Salt Bar - Patchouli & Orange

Salt Bar - Patchouli & Orange

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Salt Bar - Patchouli & Orange

Heres one for all you Hippie Chicks (and guys ;) ) - Orange and Patchouli Sea Salt Bar.

A perfectly balanced blend of the two essential oils - it's groovy baby!

Why Salt Bars??!!

They are harder and last longer = Better value for money!
The scent is stronger
They produce less soap scum
They have 20% 'free floating' oils - which is mostly coconut and butters (like Shea or Cocoa)
They are naturally antibacterial - say bye bye to body odour (great to use in addition to a natural deodorant) and acne
They are not exfoliating - unless an exfoliating additive is added (like pumice, or apricot shell etc)
They are packed with natural nutrients and minerals :)

app 90grams

100% natural, Palm Free, Eco-friendly packaging


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