Sheep-ish Dryer Balls

Sheep-ish Dryer Balls

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Sheep-ish Dryer Balls

Eco Wool Dryer Balls are great for those who use their dryer, but would like to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce their electricity bill!

3 x SHEEP-ish 100% Wool Eco Dryer Balls 

Includes Cotton Bag - Printed with easy instructions

Why You Will Love the Dryer Balls!

  • Dryer Balls save electricity by reducing drying time! Hello money saver!
  • They last for 1000 cycles! That is just over 2.5 years if you use them daily!
  • Made from New Zealand Wool, these Dryer Balls are 100% natural - no chemicals or bleach!

The Specifics of the Dryer Balls:

  • Eco Wool Dryer Balls are made from 100% NZ Wool, which is unbleached and chemical free!
  • Put all three Wool Balls into the dryer
  • Wool Balls work by creating air pockets and are absorbent - reducing dryer time significantly
  • The lanolin in the wool naturally softens fabric
  • You can scent your washing by adding essenxaxtial oil drop to the balls
  • Wool Dryer Balls don't leave any fluff on the clothing
  • They last for 1000 cycles 
  • Simply put the Wool Balls on your windowsill to dry out 

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