Silk Worm Cocoons

Silk Worm Cocoons

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Silk Worm Cocoons

Three cocoons in a glass container with cork lid.

These Silk Cocoons make a snug home for fingers to massage over skin, releasing collagen-boosting sericin and gently exfoliating dry patches.

Historically used by Chinese Princesses they are a natural, ecological way to exfoliate and promote smooth, plumped and nourished skin. 

Directions: Place a cocoon on the end of your fingertip, dampen with warm water and apply to the face in small circular motions. Tone and moisturise afterwards as needed. The cocoons will leave your skin smooth, silky and plumped.

Each cocoon can be used 2-3 times.

- Eliminate toxins

- Tighten and reduce pore size


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