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Sonic Electric Toothbrush Kit

Sustainable Shine
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Sonic Electric Toothbrush Kit

Have you always dreamt of having an Electric Toothbrush for that premium clean, but are frustrated at the fact you would have to dispose of the brush heads into landfills every few months?    

Or perhaps you already have one, because you can't bear to think of your oral hygiene without it… leaving you feeling guilty about the impacts this has on our environment?   

You are not the only one! We saw this as an opportunity to make a difference and turn dreams into reality.

The Number One Choice For A Healthy Eco-Friendly Smile!

Introducing Sustainable Shine, the #1 Eco Friendly Sonic Electric Toothbrush kit with Bamboo Replacement Heads and 100% recyclable plastic.

An environmentally conscious alternative that helps achieve a deeper, more premium clean you can be proud of.   

This Eco Friendly Sonic Electric Toothbrush kit is a more sustainable option than the electric toothbrushes we all know and love and a more health-conscious option compared with a manual bamboo toothbrush. It's the right move not just for your oral health but for the wellbeing of our planet too. 

The Electric Toothbrush Handle is made from Recycled Plastic that is a 100% Recyclable Thermoplastic called Polycarbonates (PC) and an A-class Lithium Battery.

It comes with a USB Charging Cable (for use with standard USB adapters).


The Bamboo Carved Brush Heads have a Cornstarch insert and come with 3 different bristle types made from either Charcoal Filament, Nylon1010 (Caster Seeds), or Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). 

It all comes packed securely in a eco friendly Pulp Tray Lining and box.

Your package will be sent to you inside a cardboard box and a 100% compostable postage bag.

Each box contains: 1x Wireless Electric toothbrush, 3x Bamboo replacement heads, Wireless charging base, 1m USB cable, instruction manual.



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