Tea Heritage Tin Phone Box 14 Teabag English Tea

Tea Heritage Tin Phone Box 14 Teabag English Tea

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Tea Heritage Tin Phone Box 14 Teabag English Tea

A delightful tea tin featuring the authentic hand-drawn iconic landmark, Big Ben. This smart, collectible tin contains our flavoursome English Tea, a classic rich, smooth and delicious blend.

Traditionally used in the morning to invigorate the senses shortly after waking, this is a tasty brew which can be enjoyed on its own or with the addition of milk and if preferred a little sugar.

Perfect to drink at any time of the day. An ideal gift.

  • 14 individually wrapped English teabags
  • Boil fresh water to 100 degree temperature and pour over the teabag. Leave the teabag to infuse for 5 minutes or longer if desired, for a fuller, stronger taste. Once the tea has finished steeping, immediately remove the teabag and stir.



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