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Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser 500ml

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Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser 150ml Mist Bottle

Littlefoots Tea tree hand sanitizer cleans and freshens hands, without the need for soap and water! 

It kills germs and leaves you with peace of mind. 

Perfect in the bathroom or by the little ones changing table, when your hands need a quick cleanup refresh them with Littlefoot.

Safe around children.

All Littlefoot products are made using only natural, environmentally friendly components to ensure that it is environmentally conscious and greywater safe. The promise to you is that the products have 

  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Animal products
  • NO Chlorides
  • NO Nitrates
  • NO Phosphates
  • NO Dyestuffs
  • NO Fragrances
  • NO Petrochemicals
  • NOT tested in animals

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