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Cork and Hemp Wallets

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Cork and Hemp Wallets

Corkney Norman - Cork Wallet

Looking for an alternative to leather wallets? Why not choose an all natural eco friendly cork wallet. Very durable and soft to the touch. The cork wallet comes with 6 card slots and two compartments for notes.

The Undercover Hippie - Hemp Wallet

The Hemp Wallet makes a perfect eco-friendly gift for the most discerning hippie. This wallet is sturdy thick and durable and also has 6 card slots and two main compartments for notes.

The Onyx - Black Cork Wallet

This is a unique slimline wallet made from black cork ideal if you want your cash and cards at hand. It has a sweet little secret which is RDIF lining so no one can read your cards. Vegan and eco-friendly this little black one is a must.

These wallets are a great if you are looking for a vegan and natural option. 


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