Traditional french block

Traditional French Block

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WOULDN'T KNOW EM FROM A BAR OF SOAP CO. - Traditional French Block 

OH LA LA ! Do it like the French do with these vintage style French soap blocks - all natural ingredients and will last a long time. 

Great for hand washing in the bathroom and they look magnifique!

Available in blue, white, pink, green and grey colours.  app. 280g
This soap is crafted in small batches using the cold process soap making method. They mix oils with lye, to form a glycerine-enriched soap.
They choose from other natural scented oils, clays and botanicals to add to the base before pouring the warm liquid soap in to the  wooden moulds.

Over the next few days the soap will harden enough to be sliced in to bars, before being hand-stamped and placed in the drying racks for curing. 

The four to six weeks it then takes for the soap to cure produces the most gentle and long-lasting bar possible.  They then label the soap by hand. The soaps are made with love ready for you and your family to enjoy.


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