Underbalm Deodorant Magic Orange Lime

Underbalm Deodorant Magic Orange Lime

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No3 - Underbalm Deodorant MAGIC ORANGE LIME 

Magnesium based for sensitive skin

Underbalm is an odour neutraliser - it stops smells, wont just mask them. It doesn't leave residue, is not greasy or sticky and absorbs straight away.

No need for an old-fashioned applicator. Apply a small amount once a day or as needed. Each jar lasts around 3 months or more.

WHEN IT MELTS: The texture varies at temperature extremes. As with any cosmetics, don't leave in sun or direct heat. If you melt it, stir then put into fridge until re-set.

IF IT'S NOT SMOOTH: If Underbalm has melted and then set slowly it can go grainy (like all balms that set slowly). Easy fix...take lid off, completely melt in microwave for about 20secs, stir, then set in fridge for 2 hours. It will be smooth again!

WHEN IT'S COLD: It's still easy to use - just mix the top layer a couple of times a week to relax the paste. Watch video below for more tips.


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