Woohoo! Deodorant & Anti-Chafe Stick Mellow

Woohoo! Deodorant & Anti-Chafe Stick Mellow

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Woohoo! Deodorant & Anti-Chafe Stick Mellow

The all natural Woohoo Mellow Deodorant and Anti-Chafe Stick maintains its friendship with your skin by being bicarb free, fragrance free and essential oil free. Though it does bring something new and exciting to the relationship.

Woohoo Mellow has been available as a deodorant paste for some time now, but getting Mellow to work in stick form was not as easy as they thought it would be. It took many attempts at the formula to nail the delicate balance that was required – it had to bust BO but also be a dream to apply.

It was tricky but by joe they did it!

BICARB OUT – MAGNESIUM IN Magnesium Hydroxide (also goes by “milk of magnesia”) works an absolute treat at neutralising BO but is softer and more gentle on the skin than bicarb soda

  • New earth-loving cardboard tubes!
  • Plastic free packaging
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan
  •  60g / 2.12oz (lasts 3-4 months!)
  • Not tested on animals



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