Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil 10ml
Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Essential Oil - Ylang Ylang

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Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Ylang Ylang smells fresh, floral, sweet, slightly fruity and fragrant yet delicate.

Ylang Ylang Essential oil is extracted from Cananga odorata. It is a tall tropical tree about 20 meters high with large, tender, fragrant pink, mauve or yellow flowers. The yellow heads are viewed as the best in terms of quality. 

Ylang Ylang oil is made from the flowers of the herb Cananga odorata genuina. People apply Ylang Ylang oil to the skin to promote relaxation, kill bacteria, lower blood pressure, and increase sexual desire. It is also part of a combination spray used to kill head lice.

Stop use in case of skin irritation. Always skin test first by applying a small patch and wait 24 hrs.


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